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Welcome to Pack-N-Ship Jennersville

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Welcome to Pack-N-Ship Jennersville

We Are Your Express Shipping Solution

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Safe, Reliable Packing and Shipping Solutions That you can count on!

We pride ourselves on providing the best packing and shipping solutions available in the area. Our skilled personnel, utilizing all the major carriers, can pack and ship just about anything to just about anywhere in the world!

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Large Item Shipping

Not everything can fit in a neat little package.

Shipping Supplies

Sometimes you just need more packing peanuts. Don’t worry, we go nuts for peanuts.

Greeting Cards

Hallmark has nothing on these gems.

Print, Copy, Fax, Laminate

Don’t want to invest in office equipment? We are your small-office functions solution.


More than just a rubber stamp, our notary will get your documents signed and sealed with a smile. Notary services by appointment.


Keep all your private information out of the hands of bad people.


What our customers are saying

Cristi Edwards
Cristi Edwards
I will only do my shipping from this location! Alysha has been nothing but amazing in helping me with my returns to Amazon!! She goes above and beyond!
Dianne Fritz
Dianne Fritz
Definitely recommend when needing ship services. Employees are always friendly, fast, and efficient!
Audrey Davis, LPC, PM-LPC
Audrey Davis, LPC, PM-LPC
Took our 21mo daughter here for a passport photo redo after the first attempt was rejected (those photos were done elsewhere). The gentleman who helped us was very patient, friendly, professional, and helpful. I have used this location for shipments but never had the pleasure of interacting with anyone for more than a few moments; today’s experience was pleasant and our generally picky and wary-of-strangers toddler agrees! We will be back! Edited to add: A previous poster was concerned that their wait time was possibly racially-motivated. Wanted to reassure others in the area that my experience today as a woman of color was excellent, and that when I walked in, another young man of color (who was darker-skinned and probably college-aged) was being helped with the same patience and professionalism that I observed with everyone else. I know it’s hard to discern sometimes and I have been on the receiving end of mistreatment before, but that has not been my experience here in my years of frequenting the store for various needs. Hope this helps anyone else who may be concerned!
L Sperr
L Sperr
I was tickled to find an IdentoGO location so close to home. It was very convenient to schedule an appointment and my credentialing was handled very quickly and efficiently by the folks at JPNS. Probably the best experience in my years of having fingerprints taken for my license. Did I mention they’re very friendly amidst a LOT of foot traffic?
Harley Collins
Harley Collins
I think a lot of this review section depends on the date. Yes, there was a time when they would NOT give a receipt, and another when they charged for receipts, (which is ridiculous) and now they do not. I was there three weeks ago to ship packages and the service, and timing was perfect. Sometimes you wait a little for service but that happens everywhere. The three ratings here are fives and ones, makes no sense at all.
Dorothy Richards
Dorothy Richards
I have been in there more often then not… everyone is extremely helpful and friendly!
Daniel Gullo
Daniel Gullo
Friendly, helpful staff. When they are working on someone else’s order that is taking a while, they will very quickly ask if what you have is a drop-off so that you can simply drop it off instead of waiting. If you need a receipt for something and simply ask, they will happily give you one. Many people don’t want receipts these days, especially for drop-off items. It’s always a great experience. Very efficient and effective.
Jenn McNulty
Jenn McNulty
Great little store and very nice and helpful staff
Joy Curry
Joy Curry
Staff went out of their way to help me with a complicated shipment. They were all extremely helpful and super friendly. They took all of the stress away about my shipment. Even made sure it went right onto the delivery truck while I was there. My husband had been in this store about a week before I was and he said that he had a great experience as well. Great place to ship!